Come behind the scenes of a daring adventure to Paris, 1937

If you were a member of Sylvia Beach’s lending library Shakespeare and Company, you were known to Sylvia as one of her ‘bunnies’. This is a play on the French word ‘abonnée’, or subscriber.

I invite you behind the scenes of my novel and into the Chasing Sylvia Beach salon.

It’s simple to join – just fill in the wee form to the right on this page.

Sylvia may not be there in person, but the spirit of a life devoted to books – one of the themes of my novel – will always be present.

There’s no charge, but lots of love for members, including:

  • advance invitations to events, both in-person and online
  • opportunities to participate in discussions about the bookish life
  • recommendations for other bookish and Paris delights
  • sneak previews of additional materials
  • first scoop on contests and giveaways.

All of this will be sent in emails sent directly to you.

Be part of our adventure to Paris, 1937 – who knows where the trip will take you?

I promise I won’t call you a bunny.

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