Virtual Salon: Summer 2012

Sitting in the front row of my Modern Literature class in college, I leaned forward in my seat when my professor talked about Paris salons. In private homes and public cafés, writers, artists and dreamers gathered to exchange ideas and spark each other’s intellect.

Not to mention drinking copiously, smoking madly and partying hard into the Paris dawn.

The camaraderie and conversation always appealed to me. This kind of creative exchange has become vital to my writing and my art making.

At my launch party in Denver

And while partying into the Paris dawn isn’t vital, it sure is fun.

My novel Chasing Sylvia Beach is a way to initiate conversation about what’s important to me. So I’ve gathered a handful of friends and colleagues in what I am calling a ‘Virtual Salon’. (Some people call it a blog tour, but I think Virtual Salon is more fun, don’t you?)

Join us throughout the summer in conversation about what it takes to complete projects, how we find and fund our focus, and how to feel a sense of balance among all the things we need and want to do to express our creativity.

Here’s the lineup. When each visit is live, I’ll be posting links on Facebook and Twitter. The salon will include written articles and interviews as well as video interviews.

You might want to visit my colleagues’ sites now; they’re dynamic people doing amazing stuff. You can consider this list a gathering of some of my most respected people. Grab a glass of something cool and join the conversation this summer!


Tribal Author host Jonathan Fields shared an interview with me about the Novel Shrines I created for my limited edition. Check out How Novelist Cynthia Morris Is Turning a Book Launch into Art here.

Fuel Your Writing hosted my article If You’re Consuming Too Much, You’re Creating Too Little. This was an important subject for me because how and how much we consume deeply affects our creativity. Check your consumption levels with my simple exercise.

Joyfully Jobless Barbara Winter kindly hosted me on Buon Viaggio. In my article Fuel Your Impossible Dreams with Intention and Chutzpah, I share how a project and a passion helped me live a dream of visiting Paris annually.

The Social Shoppe Ashley Herzberger shares the story of my launch in her case study Making a Book Launch Personal.

The Victory Circle Radio Hour Business coach Cheri Ruskus interviewed me the day before the launch. Find out some of the juju behind my novel in this radio interview.


Indira Ganesan Novelist Indira Ganesan interviews me about how writing this novel changed me for the week of July 16th.

We Grow Media  Insights into how I built my author platform with Dan Blank, hosted the week of July 23rd.

Right Brain Business Plan How does writing a novel call for both left and right brain capabilities? Join this live video interview with Jenn Lee of Artizen Coaching on July 25th.

Courage2Create Ollin Morales will host my article, The Courage to Launch about tackling common fears we face at the end of a project. Live on July 25th.

Art Biz Coach I’ve written a two-part article on why writing book reviews is good for business and how to do it easily and authentically. Look for that starting July 31st.


Your Book as Business Radio Show  Charmaine Hammond will interview me about making books business on Saturday August 4th at 4:00 pm MST.

Big Life Project with Shelly Immel, an author and speaker will host me for a video interview on August 8th.

Kathleen Pooler of Memoir Writer’s Journey shared a piece about how reading novels (including mine) helps her write her non-fiction memoir.

Productive Flourishing‘s author Charlie Gilkey will have a video interview with me on what it takes to get things done. Look for that in late-August.