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I’m squirreling away at the Original Impulse office, preparing for the launch of my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach.

I feel kind of like the character in Mission Impossible. You know, how he’s working the touch screen, waving his hands here and there, manipulating all the pieces of his project.

It’s like that. Lots of pieces. Without the fancy technology.

I’m loving it, and want to make sure you know what’s going on. (But some of it’s still secret!) To answer some of your questions…

Where and when can I buy the book?

Thank you for asking! I’m beyond delighted that you’re ready, willing and able to read Chasing Sylvia Beach.

The official launch day for Chasing Sylvia Beach is June 22nd. On that date you can buy the paperback from online booksellers. You can also get the Kindle and the iBook versions if you prefer reading that way.

In late May, I will be offering a special limited edition for insiders at the Chasing Sylvia Beach web site. Sign up for the salon and get advance notice about special offers.

Be among the first to have access to the limited edition and other news about Chasing Sylvia Beach!

Is there a launch party?

Why, yes, there is! You don’t think I’d let more than twelve years’ labor go uncelebrated?

Join us at the Denver Woman’s Press Club on Friday, June 22nd, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, with a presentation by the author at 7:00 pm.

Details for the Chasing Sylvia Beach Denver launch party here. 

Is there a Paris launch?

Oo la la! I’ll be in Paris the first week of October, 2012. We’re planning some special events and readings – most of it free and open to the public.

In 2013 I’ll be leading a special writing workshop in Paris. Stay tuned for information about that.

When is the book signing tour?

I’m planning a super cool indie author book tour for 2013. Want me to come to your region? Drop me a note and let me know where you are and how you can help bring me there!

How can I help get the word out?

I’ll be doing a virtual salon this summer, starting in late June. Some people call this a blog tour, but I prefer the word salon. Yes, it’s the snobby francophile in me.

The focus of our conversation will be the themes in Chasing Sylvia Beach:

  • creative authenticity
  • the drive to express something meaningful
  • how our role models can influence our work and lives.

There’s a lot to say on these subjects!

To be part of the virtual salon, host me on your blog for:

  • Interview – written, podcast or video
  • Article by you about this subject, or a review of the novel
  • Guest post – we’ll look at how the themes of this novel relate to your readers.

Please contact me by May 18th to be part of the Chasing Sylvia Beach virtual salon this summer.

How can I spread the word if I don’t have a blog?

Here’s a brief blurb you can post to Facebook now if you want:

Author Cynthia Morris is getting ready to announce a limited edition (with art!) of her novel Chasing Sylvia Beach. Don’t miss it – join us in the members’ salon here:

Or send out a tweet, if you’re that kind of person:

Cynthia Morris @originalimpulse to announce a limited edition of her Paris novel. Don’t miss it; join us in the members’ salon:

Feel free to copy and share the cover of the novel you see in this post.

Thank you for all the support you give me for this project. it’s truly a labor of love done in community and for that I am grateful.

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