My Sane Book Launch

A few years ago I submitted an essay to a Funds for Writers contest. The challenge was to plan an exciting year in the life of your project. I thought it would be fun to draft a dynamic marketing plan for Chasing Sylvia Beach. I figured if I had to do the work of promoting a book, I might as well make it as creative as possible. […]

The Daunting Work of Researching a Historical Novel in Paris

Over the twelve years it took to write Chasing Sylvia Beach, I developed a multi-pronged approach in order to depict a historical period accurately. If you’re writing a historical novel, you may consider some of the seven methods I used to show Paris, 1937, in all her fading glory. […]

Avoid Sloppy Self-Publishing

One of the biggest complaints I hear about self-published books is not that they’re poorly written. Or that the cover design is lacking. The biggest beef is that the books are rife with typos.

When I hear that, I cock my head like a confused dog. I ask myself, “Didn’t the author hire an editor […]

Creative Risk Taking

I’m sitting in front of my typewriter, in my apartment in Denver. It’s 1994, and I’m embarking on my writing life. Working on an article, I fervently hope that an editor will accept it.

Things sure have changed for writers, haven’t they? Fast-forward seventeen years, and we’re seeing writers freely publishing on their own and […]

Following in Sylvia’s Footsteps to Paris

In 1919, young American Sylvia Beach moved to Paris and opened a bookshop, Shakespeare and Company. She’d been to Europe with her family as a girl and as a young adult, yearned to live in Paris.

When I read about this pioneer in Noel Riley Fitch’s Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation, I found a […]