Happy Birthday, Sylvia Beach!

Today marks the birthday of Sylvia Beach, the Paris bookseller who changed the world when she decided to publish the renegade novel Ulysses by James Joyce.

Sylvia’s model of community, her passion for books and her tenacity that allowed her to carve out a life in Paris inspired me to write and publish my […]

Give the Gift of Paris

It’s that time of year again…gift-giving season! You may wish to give someone the gift of a trip to Paris. Alas, that’s not always in our budget! But a good book that keeps you up all night exploring the streets of the Lost Generation’s Paris? Totally affordable! Order the book here.

Chasing Sylvia Beach Literary Mashup Matchup Contest

By Cynthia Morris

I’ve taken opening and closing lines from famous novels and revised them slightly to create this Literary Mashup Matchup quiz.

Pair the mashup with the author and title and learn a little about my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach along the way!

Get all six correct and win a copy of Chasing […]

Not about the Money: Gains from Writing and Publishing a Novel

When I set out to write my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, I had no idea that 13 years would pass before it came out into the world, with the surprising heft of an imagined thing made real.

I’ve been a writer for nearly twenty years and wanted to be one my whole life. I oriented […]

Collaborating on a Novel Across an Ocean

From November of 2010 to May of 2011, I woke almost every day excited to get to work on what I considered the last revision of my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach. On my main writing days – Friday through Monday – I’d make my cappuccino and eagerly log on to get started.

Now, I can’t […]

My Sane Book Launch

A few years ago I submitted an essay to a Funds for Writers contest. The challenge was to plan an exciting year in the life of your project. I thought it would be fun to draft a dynamic marketing plan for Chasing Sylvia Beach. I figured if I had to do the work of promoting a book, I might as well make it as creative as possible. […]

Chasing Sylvia Beach Limited Edition Available Now

The limited edition of Chasing Sylvia Beach goes on sale today – reserve your copy now. […]

Trouver Sa Voix – Find Your Voice

The French have an expression, ‘trouver sa voie’. I translate this as ‘ to find her path’. It can also be spelled ‘trouver sa voix’, which means ‘find her voice’. […]

Chasing Sylvia Beach News

I’m squirreling away at the Original Impulse office, preparing for the launch of my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach.

I feel kind of like the character in Mission Impossible. You know, how he’s working the touch screen, waving his hands here and there, manipulating all the pieces of his project.

It’s like that. Lots of pieces. […]

The Daunting Work of Researching a Historical Novel in Paris

Over the twelve years it took to write Chasing Sylvia Beach, I developed a multi-pronged approach in order to depict a historical period accurately. If you’re writing a historical novel, you may consider some of the seven methods I used to show Paris, 1937, in all her fading glory. […]